LeBron James, Heat Are 1-0

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03.11.11 3 Comments

Chris Bosh said that he was out of his comfort zone and that he needed his Miami Heat teammates to feed him the ball down low so that he could be himself. And if the Heat did that – and ONLY that – they would start winning again. Well guess what friends… Bosh was right, he got the ball, the Heat beat the Los Angeles Lakers and America doesn’t get to be happy anymore because the losing streak is over.

The Heat defeated the Lakers 94-88 in what was truly a back-and-forth display of my television’s channels. But Bosh stepped up and contributed 24 points after demanding the ball more and boy did he take charge. On one play, Heat center Erick Dampier fought off three Lakers for a loose ball while Bosh, like a born leader, watched from underneath the basket before scoring the uncontested dunk and screaming to the world that he had arrived.

As for LeBron James – the King, as he insists people call him – the pressure is off. With the Lakers out of the way, LeBron and the Heat can concentrate on winning the next 17 games and matching the record of the 2009-10 Cleveland Cavaliers and proving to the world once and for all that having two superstars and Bosh is better than having a silly team.

And in case you missed it, I’ve included Wade and LeBron doing their thing like it indeed is no thang, as I’ve heard people say…

(Banner pic via So LeBron Said…)

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