LeBron James’ Police Escort ‘Violated Policy’ And Nothing Will Happen

Yesterday, I posted the Instagram video that NBA champion and social media narcissist LeBron James Tweeted before he attended Friday’s Jay Z and Justin Timberlake in Miami, and wouldn’t you know it? The Miami-Dade Police Department has already admitted that protocol was indeed violated when an officer provided an escort for James and his vehicle down the wrong way of a street to help him beat traffic.

Originally, the police claimed that they had no part in his supposed escort on Friday night, but I guess that changed when they realized that his video had spread to every corner of the Internet. So the Miami-Dade Police Department issued a response and is promising everyone that nothing like this is ever going to happen again.

“It has been brought to our attention that a video was posted on the Internet by LeBron James … where it shows him being escorted onto the property of Sunlife Stadium for a concert on Friday,” the statement said. “Upon further investigation, it has been confirmed that the Miami-Dade Police Department did facilitate Mr. James from one intersection to another, in the adjacent area of the stadium. This was not a scheduled escort and although all safety precautions were taken, the department has identified these actions as a violation of departmental policy. The Miami-Dade Police Department will continue to look into the matter.” (Via USA Today)

Let the record show that, according to TMZ, “one intersection to another” was eight blocks down the opposite side of the street. Regardless, no one is going to be punished for this, but if James wanted to show a little humility, he’d volunteer to only drive in the far right lane on I95 for one week, after which he’ll give Robin Roberts another interview about why he’ll never take the common man’s traffic woes for granted again.