LeBron James’ Sneakers Hit 88 MPH And Went Back To The Future

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01.03.14 3 Comments

LeBron James sneakers skid marks

LeBron James is a lot bigger and stronger than you, so things that make sense for your body and gravity don’t apply to him. Remember that time Kirk Hinrich got in his way? Kirk Hinrich probably doesn’t.

A more recent example of this phenomenon is from Thursday night’s game against the Golden State Warriors, wherein LeBron comes in so hard and fast that his shoes malfunctioned, turned to mud and left gigantic, unerasable skid marks on the court. There are a lot of skid marks jokes to be made, but seriously, this is pretty incredible … how does a man turn his own shoes into mush?

Here’s another angle on the shoes:

h/t to Larry Brown Sports

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