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LeBron doesn’t want to just wear No. 6 during the Olympics. The Cleveland Cavaliers guard just submitted paperwork to the NBA that would allow him to change his number from No. 23 in time for next season, in the event that he stayed with Cleveland (no such notice would be required if he wound up with another team). This move is either an attempt by James to pay tribute to the Nets current win total for the season or James is distancing himself from Jordan after MJ lost two games of H-O-R-S-E to a Bobcats benchwarmer.

James said in November he was considering the change out of respect to Michael Jordan, who wore No. 23. Paperwork had to be filed this week to request a number change for next season. –SI.com

This is almost too silly to even discuss, but LeBron’s jersey switch, whether it’s with the Cavs or some other club, should give the economy a boost. I almost feel sorry for the idiots that shelled out $80 or whatever it was for LeBron jerseys that will be almost worthless after this year. The NBA should pass a resolution that prohibits changing jersey numbers without stints in minor league baseball or rape accusations. Just think of the children. –Thanks, Brandon.

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