LeBron Wants You to Drink and Drive

07.14.10 8 years ago 2 Comments

LeBron James’ choice to suit up for the Miami Heat hasn’t only affected the citizens of Cleveland and Miami. LeBronitis has gone all the way north to Flint, Michigan, where the news of LeBron’s departure from Cleveland has forced a man to drive while hammered. Why LeBron? Why did you have to ruin this poor man’s driving record?

For one man, basketball player LeBron James’s choice to play for Miami was just too much.

According to police reports, police stopped the driver, a 30-year-old Flint man, after watching his vehicle drift over the center line and the shoulder of the road at 2:40 a.m. July 11 on Maple Road near Maplebrook Apartments.

Police reported that the man appeared to be intoxicated. When asked if he’d been drinking the man said that he had been drinking, and it was because LeBron James had decided to play for the Miami Heat instead of the Boston Celtics (James had actually turned down an opportunity to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers).

A breath test revealed that the man’s alcohol level was 0.16 percent. The man was cited for driving while intoxicated. Police reports did not indicate if the man was taken to jail or released. –MLive via –USAToday

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph if LeBron had signed with the Celtics I would’ve had to give up the NBA for good. I need more smug mass holes in my life like I need ass cancer, and getting ass cancer would totally suck. It’s one step below ball cancer. Michael Jordan weighs in on LeBron after the jump.

Ever since LeBron won his first MVP, the debate over whether he or Kobe Bryant is the league’s alpha male has continued. Well, Michael Jordan intends to squash that debate once and for all. Who better to evaluate talent than the guy who drafted Kwame Brown?

All it took was a one-word answer for Michael Jordan to settle the Kobe Bryant-LeBron James debate. When he was asked at a basketball camp who the better basketball player was, Jordan simply said, “Kobe.” –LATimes

It’s hard to imagine a world where Kobe Bryant, who not too long ago was missing games to sit through rape hearings, is one of the league’s most respected players. It’s also hard to imagine an NBA where three of the league’s top 10 players (arguably) are all on the best team. Just be glad it isn’t the Celtics.

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