Let’s Go To The Welfare Office With Nick Diaz

Pro Wrestling Editor
12.04.13 2 Comments

(via Getty Image)

Nick Diaz, he of nunchuck mastery and semi-infrequent MMA promotion, is not afraid to film whatever he’s doing in real life and upload it. It is his lifeblood. Today, he hits up the local welfare office with two of his friends while they apply for financial assistance.

The conversation veers where you think it might, with topics such as, “can you get organic food at Walgreens,” “can we get security over here to stop this child from making snow angels on the floor of the welfare office” and “does doing jiu-jitsu for food and weed constitute work.” ALL THESE ANSWERS AND MORE IN THE NICK DIAZ GOES TO THE WELFARE OFFICE VIDEO.

In the next video, I want Diaz to bring his nunchucks to the welfare office and try to start some shit with that little girl.

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