Let’s Meet Alex White: Drank Gas, Now He’s Kicking Ass

01.21.14 4 years ago 2 Comments


Alex “The Spartan” White is an undefeated featherweight, with eight finishes in his nine victories. He explained in an interview with MMA Junkie that an incident during a family vacation led to him taking up mixed martial arts.

“We were going to Disney World for a vacation, and we had some car problems, so my dad pulled over. We were playing tag, and I got thirsty. We had a jug that we kept lemonade in, but someone had drank it all, and my dad had put some gas in it.

I didn’t know. I took a big drink, and I just passed out.

They took me to the hospital, and they told me I died on the way there before they revived me. The doctors told my parents if I survived that I would probably be handicapped.

The next morning, I was in a bubble, and I was pretty much back to normal. But it messed up my voice box, and I got made fun of for that.”

I don’t want to call into question someone’s parenting skills, but holy jeepers, maybe let your children know that the jug what only recently held delicious, thirst-quenching lemonade is now filled with GASOLINE.

White’s experience with being bullied pushed him to fighting back, and six years ago, stepped into a gym and has been beating up dudes ever since. He also credits his MMA training to work through the speech impediment brought on by his accident, and if nothing else, he’ll never speak worse than With Leather favorite, Bucky Boyd.

He gained some notoriety due to being an unwilling participant in what might be the worst referee decision in MMA for 2013, as he knocked out Roy Babcock, the ref stared at the unconscious man, and urged White to continue punching. With his most recent win (Warning: may induce motion sickness), another first round finish, White should start getting on the radar of more national promotions, and he can bring his BA * campaign to a wider audience as he punches bullies in the face.

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