AJ McCarron Is Making A New Girl ‘Famous’

Now I ain’t one to toss around big, ol’ fancy words like “coincidence” but I think this story might just fall into that category. Over the weekend, an aspiring model named Margaret Wood, who goes by “The Swag Princess” on Twitter, spent some time in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and she had some very interesting Tweets that didn’t necessarily name any certain Alabama Crimson Tide National Champion quarterbacks, but suggested that the trip was rather fun.

As it turns out, she spent the night at AJ McCarron’s house. How do people suddenly know this? Because she told Radar Online that she spent the night at AJ McCarron’s house.

“We were hanging out at his house, and I had been drinking, so he didn’t want me to drive,” Maxim hometown hottie contestant Margaret Wood tells exclusively. “I did not stay at a hotel. That’s all I can say. I’m trying to be careful about what I say because I feel really bad.”

You see, she’s trying to be careful about something, presumably McCarron’s relationship with Katherine Webb. I’m not sure what she’s being careful about because “we” suggests that just she and McCarron were getting drunk together and then she decided to elaborate in a manner that would be the opposite of careful, in my professional opinion.

“I’ve known AJ for a long time,” Margaret explains. “He asked for my number back in the fall when I was on the sidelines at the Ole Miss-Alabama game. I didn’t even know who he was. I had no idea he was even talking to Katherine. I thought he was cute.”

AJ then met Katherine at an event in December, 2012. But he didn’t tell Margaret. “I was making plans to go see him, and then I saw on ESPN about Katherine. I was like, whatever, thanks for telling me,” Margaret says. “But it’s not like he had to tell me, I guess, since it wasn’t serious like that. I’ve kissed AJ, but it’s not a big deal.”

Totally not a big deal, you guys. Sure, they’ve made out in the past and she got drunk and stayed at his house, but when does that ever lead to anything inappropriate? And it’s not like she went on Twitter and sent out some really vague (and since deleted) Tweets that could suggest anything happened. You know, like:

Of course. Alabama is known as the land of temptation, after all. So what else?

That could mean anything. Maybe she lost a tooth and the Tooth Fairy visited and accidentally left her $100 like that one episode of Modern Family. That would be pretty cool, right?

And that’s where her Twitter trail goes cold until she’s suddenly shocked, just shocked I say:

Well yeah, you’re going to end up in the tabloids if you tell the tabloids that you got drunk and slept at a famous guy’s house, especially when you add that you’ve hooked up in the past. But at least this wasn’t all just about opportunity…

Go Cardinals, I guess.

(Images via The Swag Princess’ Twitter)