Let's Take A Tour Of The World's Largest McDonald's At The Olympic Park

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07.03.12 6 Comments

"Your'e next, freak shows."

While most athletes will be looking to break world records in their respective events, McDonald’s is looking to set some new world records as well, by cramming two all-beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, and cheese down the vuvuzela holes of everyone at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. The fast food goliath has constructed four temporary locations in Olympic Park, with each station featuring 32,000-sq. ft. of Golden Arches goodness.
So what can the world’s greatest athletes and their fans hope for? Well, the McUsual calories.

“The one in the Athletes Village is likely to be the busiest of all of them and athletes know more than most people what they should and shouldn’t be eating,” Jill McDonald, chief executive at McDonald’s UK, told The Sun.
The food choices at the Olympics will be largely identical to the fast-food giant’s fare around the world — burgers, milkshakes, fries and chicken nuggets. (Via the NY Daily News)

I love the message there – “Look, we know that we’re going to serve tens of thousands of Big Macs during the Olympics, but people should be smart enough to know if they should actually eat them or not.” And of course people are pissed off at McD’s for this kind of culinary dominance at an event that features people who are role models for their dedication to physical fitness and throwing metal balls.
Were you aware that obesity is a problem in the world’s richer countries? Ha, me neither! So let’s check this fancy ass McDonald’s out before people absolutely destroy it.

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This is McDonald’s CEO Jill McDonald. I wonder if her and Wendy Thomas have ever come close to fighting to the death on a rickety bridge over a volcano filled with fry oil. It seems like the only natural solution.
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The interior of this massive McDonald’s is art deco meets “HOLY GOD, DOES NO ONE WEAR DEODORANT HERE?”.
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Each makeshift facility is expected to serve as many as 1,500 people at one time. So picture this place packed with 3,000 people asking “Are you done with this table?” in 30 different languages.
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“Gee, I sure hope business picks up soon.”
( )
“And then they roll the pink paste into balls, flatten them, add white food coloring and bread paste, and pre-fry them. Delicious!”
( )
“You know, it was a great idea to remind everyone that we’re using British cows.”
( )
Critics and obesity be damned, they’re only serving small and medium fries.
( )
This might be the last time she smiles for two months.
( )
“Look honey, it’s a view of the exercise!”
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