Would You Like To Own Dwyane Wade’s Car? Because You Can For A Ton Of Cash

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02.26.14 2 Comments

The manufacturer’s suggested retail price for a brand new McLaren MP4-12C supercar, with its awesome 616 HP and subsequent 15 MPG, is $239,400, or as many Americans would call it: “Two of my home.” So if you have $240K+ sitting around, collecting dust and interest, you can go out and buy yourself a brand new MP4-12C and brag to your friends that you have the coolest car ever, right before you ask to borrow one of their station wagons to go get groceries.

But why settle for your basic, run of the mill McLaren? Why not buy a MP4-12C with some actual importance to it, and not one that’s basically the Toyota Camry of incredibly expensive and awesome sports cars? After all, if you have a quarter of a million to spare, then you probably have another half a mil to add to that, and then you can afford to buy Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade’s custom 2012 McLaren MP4-12C that he simply grew tired of. For that awesome honor of buying an athlete’s used car, you need $799,000. Look, ignore the math. This is about being a ballllllllllllerrrrrrrrrr.

The only 2012 McLaren MP4-12C of its kind, this amazing vehicle was gifted to Wade by The Collection for his 30th birthday, and they would like to make one thing perfectly clear, according to Autofluence:

Wade Car Statement

Exactly, it’s not like he ruined the car’s upholstery by filling it with models and playing “Find the Larry O’Brien Trophy!” until they all had leather burn from head to toe. He just got tired of it because he’s driving a Ferrari F12Berlinetta now, and who wouldn’t get tired of a boring old one-of-a-kind 2012 car in favor of a brand new Ferrari? I mean, please, I’d hate to meet the poor fool who hasn’t made that decision at least once in the last year.

If I’ve sold you on this unique opportunity, you can head on over to the Dupont Registry and contact the owners to make your offer. But PLEASE… serious inquiries only. They did not like the picture of my Pat Garrity autograph that I floated out there as a trade. Not one bit. Whatever, your loss, suckers.

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