Lil Durk Nearly Pulled A 50 Cent With His First Pitch At White Sox-Cubs

Being invited to throw out the first pitch before an MLB game is a cool honor, but it also can be a nerve-wracking experience if you don’t have a lot of baseball experience. It seems simple enough: throw the ball 55 or so feet from in front of the mound and get it over the plate, but those that haven’t thrown a ball in awhile come to learn the hard way that it’s very different from their few warmup tosses in the tunnel before going out there.

Really bad first pitches aren’t just embarrassing, but can become a lasting part of someone’s legacy. 50 Cent is the best example of that and still has the first pitch to which all bad first pitches are compared to, as he fired a ball a good 20 feet wide of the plate. He’s far from the only star of the sports or entertainment world to have a dreadful first pitch experience, but his is the lasting example of a disaster.

On Sunday, we got another entry into the bad first pitch category from a rapper, as Lil Durk threw out the first pitch at Wrigley Field before Cubs-White Sox and had the poor Cubs mascot diving in vain for a ball that bounced outside the batter’s box.

The good news for Lil Durk is that he’s focusing on the positives of the love he got, not the jokes from Twitter.

It’s not quite 50 Cent, who barely threw it into the dirt area around home plate, but it is a pretty terrible effort. I’m sure Lil Durk hasn’t exactly spent a lot of time throwing baseballs recently, but it should serve as a reminder to managers everywhere that if your client isn’t someone that throws a ball often, there’s no shame in turning down a first pitch opp to keep them from going viral.