Did The NCAA Put The Kibosh On Porn Star Lisa Ann’s March Madness Contest?

Over the weekend we told you about a “March Madness” contest involving former porn star Lisa Ann, in conjunction with the Brazzers website. In short, users would upload their best trick shot video and Lisa Ann would choose the best one. The winner would get a date with the the MILF queen and an all expense paid trip to the NCAA national championship game in Indianapolis.

The contest via their press release was billed as “BRAZZERS ANNOUNCES MARCH MADNESS CONTEST TO WIN A DATE WITH LISA ANN.”

Everything was fine and dandy, fans uploaded crazy trick shot videos and we all had a good laugh at the stupidity of the whole thing. Then, out of nowhere, Brazzers shut it down. The contest disappeared like a fart in the wind. They followed it up with this bizarre press release.


March 13th, 2015 – BRAZZERS.COM, the world’s premier adult entertainment site, regrets to inform fans that they are no longer hosting their March Madness giveaway.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, unfortunately BRAZZERS will no longer be part of the “Win a Date with Lisa Ann” contest in any way. The BRAZZERS team is so pleased with the amount of great submissions and encourages fans to continue to enter the contest, held solely by Lisa Ann herself. Following the news, with Ann’s love for her fans, her immediate response was to still make this possible. She says, “As everything I do and have done in the business, I do it for the love of my fans. As for Sports, I do it for the love of the game! After watching how much game you all have with the trick shots you have already sent me, and the dedication I know you have had to make them, I have to be just as dedicated and make sure this Game Date really happens. #BallIsLisaAnn”

All fans who have already submitted a video will still be considered by Lisa for the grand prize and will be awarded with a BRAZZERS t-shirt for their support of the brand.

For further contest rules and updates, follow Lisa Ann on Twitter and Instagram @thereallisaann

Here are three explanations for what happened, listed from least probable to most probable:

1) Lisa Ann got cold feet.
2) Lisa Ann thought she was above a contest where people won a date with her on an adult website.
3) The NCAA didn’t want the words “March Madness” used on Brazzers with a pic of a half-naked Lisa Ann (among other things).

We’re not here to tell you which explanation makes the most sense. We let our readers decide for themselves.