Local Dragon Sets Extremely Specific World Record

05.23.11 7 years ago

In a story indicative of the type of sports blog I’m running, Homer the Dragon of the Charlotte Knights set the world record for “Most Hugs Given by a Mascot in a 24-hour Span” on Friday by hugging 5,615 people in the Charlotte area in 24 hours. 5,615 people tied trying to set the world record for “most hugs received by a mascot in a 24-hour span” at “f**king one.”

This project, called “Homer Hugs for Hope”, began at Knights Stadium last night. Over the past 24 hours Homer appeared at the Epicenter, LYNX light rail, Bank of America plaza, Discovery Place, WCNC-TV studios, Carolina Place Mall and local elementary schools all in search of a hug. His final hours came during the Knights game Friday night.

The Knights “Homer Hugs for Hope” raised over $3,000 for local schools, Community Blood Center of the Carolinas, and the Disaster Relief Initiative.

Okay, so I dress up like a dragon and hug people at the mall and they put me in jail. Okay, great.

It’s pretty funny that a team called the Knights has a dragon mascot. Shouldn’t he be the mascot for the visiting team, and the Knights have to kill him? Well, regardless, “dress up and hug things” is now a record, so juxtapose that with Guinness’ recent rejection of the Phillippines world record submission for most circumcisions in one day. Maybe if they’d sliced Filipino baby junk for disaster relief they would’ve qualified.


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