Looks Like Jose Canseco Dodged A Bullet

File this under “Something to Think About the Next Time I Complain About Homeless People Hanging Out by the Local Little League Park.” On Tuesday, the Saraperos baseball club of Saltillo, Mexico hosted an exhibition game with a local kids team, you know, for fun y giggles. But wouldn’t you know it, some of those pesky Mexican drug cartel nogoodniks were hanging out near the park, when they decided to start a gun fight with state police.
Ay caramba!

Sergio Sisbeles, the security spokesman for Coahuila, the northern border state where Saltillo is located, said the gunbattle broke out after gunmen opened fire on a state police patrol on a street near the stadium.
Police chased the gunmen, killing three and wounding another. They seized three rifles and a vehicle.
Drug cartels are active in the region, but police did not say whether the suspects belonged to a gang. (Via NBC Sports)

Much like your local weather service reminds you that you’re in for showers and to bring an umbrella, the U.S. Consulate is reminding people traveling and living in and around Saltillo to bring a Kevlar vest or two, because these gun battles are ongoing and not stopping anytime soon. And here I was thinking that my nephew wasn’t challenged enough on his little league team.

(Images via the AP. Be warned, because the last two are a tad graphic.)