LSU’s Football Coach Drinks An Insane Amount Of Energy Drinks In A Day

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College football coaches don’t sleep a lot. They wake up early to get into the office to start gameplanning and watching film, spend their day in meetings with the rest of their staff and at practice, and then wrap up the evening with recruiting and more film. This can often translate into a 16-plus hour workday which means they need some added boosts of energy.

This usually mean coaches turn to one of two things. There’s coffee, the classic, that plenty swear by and the coffee machine in football offices is almost constantly running, trying to keep up with the needs of the staff. Then there are energy drinks, which often live in the office fridge, filled to the top by the case. The thing is, coaches aren’t exactly masters of moderation when it comes to their consumption of either coffee or energy drinks, as evidenced by an interview Dan Le Batard did with LSU coach Ed Orgeron on Wednesday.

“When I’m drinkin ’em, I may go eight to 10,” said Orgeron.

This stunned the entire crew and Le Batard noted that Orgeron’s face might explode from consuming that many energy drinks, to which Orgeron gave the most football coach answer of all time.

“Yeah, look. If we’re gonna do something here at LSU we’re gonna do it full speed, my man,” Orgeron replied.

I’ve heard coach speak applied to lots of things, but never have I seen it used to explain an energy drink habit. Orgeron isn’t alone in his love for energy drinks among college coaches. West Virginia coach Dana Holgorsen’s love of Red Bull is legendary, and North Carolina coach Larry Fedora will put them down in high quantity as well. However, I would not suggest following in their footsteps and drinking that many energy drinks in a 24 hour period.