A Man Was Arrested For Sneaking Into LSU’s Tiger Stadium With A Prostitute

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A man missing the action at Tigers Stadium tried to get a little action at Death Valley for himself this summer. Instead, he was arrested after he broke into the LSU football stadium with a prostitute.

NOLA.com reported about the latest arrest after a series of break-ins at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge this offseason, though this case is definitely the strangest.

Lucien Hamilton, 36, of Brusly, La., was charged with unauthorized entry into a place of business and solicitation of prostitution, according to an Affadavit of Probable cause. Private security guards at the stadium on Monday reported the pair exiting a vehicle and walking toward the stadium.

Perhaps the strangest part of this already strange story is that he admitted to soliciting a prostitute immediatly after he was arrested.

Hamilton admitted to police he entered the stadium by climbing around a locker hatch on a mechanical ladder leading to a restricted area, and also to soliciting prostitution. He was arrested near the ladder, according to the report.

That’s a pretty varied arrest record for him there. Acquiring a prostitute, climbing things, entering restricted areas. He’ll definitely have an interesting day in court, that’s for sure.

There’s no word about what happened to the prostitute, but perhaps she got off easy if Hamilton did most of the breaking in. It seems unlikely that he, however, got off in any way whatsoever.