Gamers Are Freaking Out Over This Game-Breaking ‘Madden’ Glitch

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Madden 17 is broken. 😂 (via @jahkobyy)

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It’s every competitive gamer’s nightmare: you’re in a close battle with some random person on the other side of the world, revelling in the glory of a fine competition, only to have your last hour completely ruined by a glitch. In this case, it’s Madden 17 getting confused about which end zone is which, leading to kickoffs and punts being the easiest touchdowns in the history of the game.

Take a look. Even if you’re not a gamer, this is going to make you furious:

SB Nation found a couple other examples of this glitch ruining games, and it even happened to one of their writers:

I reviewed Madden, so I’ve been putting in plenty of hours on EA’s latest gridiron sim, yet I haven’t had any issue or heard of anyone experiencing this glitch. As of right now, Twitter seems pretty quiet regarding the end zone mixups and most hardcore Madden players seem to believe that clipping and a glitch where the opposing team can see your plays is the main issue for Madden at this time.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t other, horrifying glitches. Here’s one that set someone back 62-yards randomly.

And there’s also this field goal glitch, which makes Vikings receiver Cordarrelle Patterson the greatest return man of all-time.

The good news is that these glitches don’t seem like they happen all the time, so you don’t have to worry about every Madden game you play getting sabotaged. The bad news is that, you know, these could conceivably happen, so be warned and make sure you have a spare controller just in case you break yours in a fit of rage.