This Is What It Would Be Like If ‘Madden’ Took Franchise’s Owner Creation Mode Way Too Far

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Year in and year out, EA Sports adds features and makes tweaks to ensure that Madden is the best possible representation of football possible. This year, the annual pigskin video game received a host of changes to gameplay settings to make it accessible to the most people possible, but unfortunately, Franchise enthusiasts seemed to be forgotten once more. Fans wanted to be able to customize everything — not just the stadiums and a few pre-set uniforms!

Now The Kicker, a sports satire website, has taken Madden customization to a new, uncomfortable level with Madden 18: NFL Owner Mode. Instead of just having three options to diversify yourself from the overwhelmingly not diverse crowd of NFL owners, you can really get down to the nitty-gritty of just who your NFL owner is.
Want them to blackball Colin Kaepernick like the rest of the owners? You got it. Want him to kneel and lock arms in solidarity with his players in awareness of racial injustices but also want to balance that by making him the kind of guy who tweets “all lives matter”? There’s a sliding scale for that kind of thing, as well as gaudiness levels. You can even adjust his face weirdness!

And of course you can make plays on the fly with your owner. Ignore your grandchildren, micromanage your coaches until you ironically have to fire them for doing a poor job that is a result of your meddling, and invite Chris Christie to the owner’s box for some soft, warm hugs. This is as real as it gets.

(Via The Kicker)

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