‘Madden NFL 19,’ Like Many NFL Fans, Forgot The Chargers Moved To Los Angeles

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08.09.18 6 Comments

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One of the unintended side effects of sports teams moving cities is that it sometimes takes a while to remember that they moved. For example: It’s not hard for someone to slip and say that the Los Angeles Chargers are based out of San Diego. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just that when a franchise was in a city for more than 50 years, you might need some time to adjust.

Apparently, the fine folks over at EA Sports still need to iron out some wrinkles when it comes to the Chargers, as we learned thanks to Twitter user @Cook17. Madden NFL 19 starts out Chargers games with the dulcet tones of Brandon Gaudin welcoming players to the game.

The issue: Madden says you’re heading to “the Mission Valley area of beautiful San Diego” as opposed to “the soccer stadium in Los Angeles where the Chargers play for now.”

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