Malaysian Cyclist Gets Metal On Us

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02.22.11 3 Comments

While I don’t think I even need to remind you, the Track Cycling World Cup took place over the weekend at the Manchester Velodrome in England, as international teams competed in what was one of the first true tests for track cycling before the 2012 Summer Olympics. But the highlight of the event came during the Keirin Final – whatever that was – as four cyclists crashed on the final bend of the race. One of those cyclists, Azizulhasni Awang of Malaysia, got back up and finished the race, earning a bronze medal. While it’s already an impressive enough feat to crash and recover to still win a medal, Awang’s finish had a bit more style. He had a 9-inch wooden splinter jammed through his leg.

And if that wasn’t cool enough, Awang’s bronze medal finish earned him the overall Track Cycling World Cup title. Early word is that he plans to compete in the London Olympics after sawing off his feet and lighting himself on fire. Meanwhile, I was raking the trap after a bunker shot on Saturday and I got a 2mm splinter in my hand. I still finished the back 9 without a problem, so I totally know how Azizulhasni feels. We’re the real heroes.

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(Video via Buzzfeed)

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