Watch This Poor Fan Take A Baseball Right Off His Bald Head

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons GIFs and Vines are so popular is that they allow a viewer to take in every facet of an image from repeated viewings without having to refresh or reload a video. (That, or your standard short-attention-span-society symptoms.) This video of a man at Tuesday night’s game between the Kansas City Royals and the Cleveland Indians is a perfect example of this: visual poetry that deepens with every viewing.

A man with a shiny bald head attempts to catch a foul ball, and fails. The ball caroms off off his shiny bald head and back into the field of play, thus depriving other fans of that foul ball. I love how closely his head resembles the contact surface of a bat. Do you think the ball found the sweet spot?

Of course, the reactions of those around him are nice. The woman in front of him clearly says, “Are you okay?” He nods. The woman to his left, who we hope was there with him, takes the opportunity to rub his shiny bald head. A fellow bald man invades the shot to check on the victim. Alex Gordon, who was chasing down the foul ball, even lets his gaze linger on the man who was hit in the head by a baseball. The camera pans away before we can tell if he also asked the man if he was okay.

The man seemed okay, or at least nodded in the affirmative when asked, and that’s a relief, because when the force of a baseball hitting you in the head propels your butt back into your seat like you’d been shot at the end of a gangster movie, some damage may have been done. We do know one thing about his condition, however: there’s no way for him to hide the welt that was sure to form. Unless he bought a hat. The merch shop is right up on the concourse, buddy!

Here it is in even slower motion:

(Via Larry Brown Sports)

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