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Tampa Bay Rays manager Joe Maddon is known for his meticulous managing style, or for being an over-managing douchebag, depending on whose cap you’re wearing, which makes this gaffe from Sunday’s game against the Cleveland Indians all the more remarkable. Maddon penciled in two players at third base–Ben Zobrist and Evan Longoria, the latter whom Maddon had intended to play as the DH. From the Tampa Trib:

Because Zobrist had already played, the Rays had to forfeit the DH slot and have the pitcher bat in what would have been Longoria’s slot – third in the batting order.

So Andy Sonnanstine, who loves hitting more than any other Rays pitcher, ended up batting third when play resumed in the bottom of the first inning – and promptly knocked Carl Crawford off the bases with an ineffective bunt down the third-base line that got Crawford forced out at second base.

However, Sonnanstine did hit an RBI double in the fourth. And the Rays won the game. But still, that’s quite a boner on Joe Maddon’s part. And a pretty big lineup card mistake to boot.

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