Manny Being Taiwanny

Pro Wrestling Editor

The first thing you hear in this video is “Manny-lammy-ray-soo”, so it pretty much has to be the greatest of all Taiwanese animated video adaptations.

The story, about Manny Ramirez briefly going to jail for smacking his wife in the face and knocking her into a headboard, is not funny. It’s so not funny, in fact, that my normal ability to turn the situation into a laugh in The Dugout has been stifled all day by the idea that a real life man doesn’t deserve his loving, fictional counterpart. Thankfully the women behind the quickest and cheapest adaptive media in the world have already produced a video recap featuring a shirtless Manny in an “MVP” chain, Manny kicking dirt on his wife during an umpire dispute and Major League Baseball using a G-Man with a “suspension” baseball bat to stop Manny from making orange juice.

Also, haven’t you ever wondered how to say “Manny being Manny” in Taiwanese?

When you’re done watching this, be sure to watch the one about Serena Williams where she gets so mad she bursts into flames. Watching them back to back, I’m pretty sure they used the same animation model for Serena and Manny. Good job, Taiwan.

[h/t Sportress Of Blogitude]

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