Manny Machado Unloaded On The Red Sox In An Explosive Rant Full Of F-Bombs

05.03.17 12 months ago

Getty Image

The Baltimore Orioles are off to a very nice start in 2017 but the team’s best player, Manny Machado, didn’t exactly display optimism and joy after Tuesday evening’s game. The Orioles lost a 5-2 decision to the Boston Red Sox, and Machado seemed to be less than thrilled with one particular part of the defeat.

In short, he is very mad at the Red Sox after being thrown at in his first at-bat. This is after the Red Sox threw at him earlier in the week as “retaliation” for a hard Machado slide into second.

As seen above, Red Sox left-hander Chris Sale threw a pitch behind Machado in the first inning, which prompted what became a profanity-laced tirade to the media after the game. It should be noted that, while the language is removed by bleeps, this is not suitable for work.

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