Manny Pacquiao Says ‘The Lord’ Told Him He Was Going To Lose To Floyd Mayweather

For most, the Floyd Mayweather decision victory over Manny Pacquiao back in May was not only a clear victory but also a safe bet. Experts knew Floyd’s slick, defensive style would stymie Manny’s relentless attack and make for a boring fight and a decisive victory for Mayweather. Apparently Manny knew this as well, and his information came from the mightiest source of them all: God.

Yes, Manny Pacquiao told Karen Davila of ANC’s “Headstart” in the Philippines that “The Lord” showed him in a dream a month before the fight that he would lose. “One month before the fight I dreamt that I lost the decision,” Manny told Davila during an interview in which he announced he plans to run for Senate in 2016.

Manny continued, saying in half-English, half-Tagalog that he felt blessed to know the result before the fight: “It was already shown me. So I am still blessed because the Lord informed that this would happen.”

This conflicts with Manny’s immediate response to the result of the fight, when he told Max Kellerman that he thought he’d won the fight. Manny also blamed his performance on a shoulder injury that required surgery soon after the bout.

Manny went on to say he does plan to fight again in 2016 before his senatorial run later in the year. Check out the entire interview below.

(Via Inquirer)