Marcus Mariota Caught His Own Deflected Pass To Score A Touchdown

Entertainment Editor

For the most part, the Titans have been getting trounced by the Chiefs in their AFC Wild Card matchup, leaving the fate of Tennessee’s head coach up in the air. The Chiefs have made key defensive stops and a brilliant pick-six by Marcus Peters put the Chiefs up big at halftime. But now, a freak play has made this pivotal matchup a two-score game. Somehow, Mariota threw a pass, had it tipped, and caught it for a touchdown.

Yes, he technically threw a touchdown pass to himself. Even the math-wizards who add up every inch seem to agree:

It’s also a fascinating little piece of history. Mariota is the first player to “throw a touchdown to himself” in over 20 years. It seems like it’s happened more recently than that? Guess not.

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