Marcus Stroman Called Dennis Eckersley A ‘Hypocrite’ On Twitter After On-Air Comments About Strikeouts

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The Toronto Blue Jays and Boston Red Sox are division rivals, but the biggest beef between the two teams appears to be with a Blue Jays starting pitcher and a Red Sox broadcaster.

Marcus Stroman got the win on Sunday at Fenway Park, a 6-1 victory that capped off the weekend series between the two teams. Stroman certainly had his stuff on Sunday, striking out six over six shutout innings, allowing five hits and a walk on the day.

If you noticed that extra long look after the K, that was something that the Red Sox broadcast took note of later on in the game. When discussing Stroman’s tendency to stare down a dugout after such outs, NESN analyst and former pitcher Dennis Eckersley called it “tired.”

As Rob Friedman, a pitching analyst who goes by @PitchingNinja on Twitter, pointed out, it’s strange for Eckersley to call out pitchers for their aggression on the mound.

Stroman himself caught wind of the comments through Friedman’s account, replying that the NESN broadcaster’s comments are “always trash” and quote-tweeting footage of him animated on the mound, calling him a “hypocrite.”

Eckersley has yet to respond on Twitter despite Stroman’s statements, but I’m sure it will be addressed at some point on the NESN broadcast. He may wait a few extra days to see another Jays-Red Sox game, though; the two teams play a midweek series starting on July 2 in Canada.