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Maria Sharapova, the brightest star in women's tennis, is an official UN Goodwill Ambassador who strives to elevate public awareness of the plight of the Chernobyl region.  It's a cause that hits close to home for Sharapova, whose pregnant mother fled to Siberia when the Ukrainian nuclear plant exploded 21 years ago.  Pregnant women can be so touchy about radioactive clouds.

Anyway, Sharapova — who recently met with a group of children from the Chernobyl area — is planning a visit to the region, which will be her first since she was in the womb.

“It’s in the beginning stages of what exactly I’m going to be doing,” she said. “But I want to visit the facilities that they’re building right now for the children — computer labs and hospitals.”

Oh, man.  This is starting to play out just like a comic book.  This super-tall hot rich athlete chick, whose only flaw is small boobs, visits a radioactive site, which suddenly gives her the power of big tits.  By day she continues her life as mild- mannered Maria, by night she saves the world with super BJ power.  Co-starring me.  Rated R for nudity and sexual content.

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