Mark Buehrle Is A Dog’s Best Friend

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12.27.10 2 Comments

As a fan of the St. Louis Cardinals, I’m generally regarded as more intelligent, classy, handsome and naturally toned and defined than fans of other baseball teams. Chicago White Sox pitcher Mark Buehrle is also a lifelong Cardinals fan, making him equally outstanding but slightly less good looking. But Buehrle wins the Opposite of Michael Vick Award for 2010, as he footed a $3,000 veterinarian bill for Shelby, a stray Sheltie that was found wandering in St. Louis with an arrow lodged in her stomach. Sadly, it was not for an incredibly adorable comedy routine.

Shelby survived her emergency surgery, as she had serious damage to her intestines, and she immediately became a local media darling with over 90 applications submitted by families looking to adopt her. In the end, a family with kids took Shelby in, and I like to think that Albert Pujols found the person who shot the arrow and used his nuts for batting practice.

Who’s a good widdle family full of wuv, Chicago Sun-Times

After getting a Google e-mail update on Shelby’s recovery, Bray forwarded the photo to his wife, Debbie, and their three children, ages 26, 18, and 16. The middle child begged her mother to apply to adopt the dog, unaware the mom already had done just that.

“We were all thinking the same thing,” Debbie Bray said, noting that the family felt the time was right to take in another pet after their 14-year-old Siberian husky, Nikki, died last Christmas.

The Brays got the nod from Hope Animal Rescues of Alton, where Jackie Spiker said those reviewing the applications felt drawn to the fact that the Brays always had adopted from shelters and “understand the importance of rescues.”

What? I’m not crying, my eyes just did Bikram yoga, that’s all. For his efforts, Buehrle gets the With Leather Mushroom Stamp of Approval, and here’s a little collection of his best moments from the past few years…

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