Marquette King Punted A Ball At A Basketball Hoop And Swished It Because He’s a Boss

The Raiders’ Marquette King is the NFL’s best punter.

I don’t mean statistically (although he’s really good there with the league’s sixth-best net average at 43.6 yards), but just in general as the league’s most entertaining punter. King burst onto the national scene this year thanks to his post-punt dancingthat made him a viral sensation, but his Twitter pageis also a delight as he’s a wonderfully strange and unique individual.

King is also very good at his job. I can’t stress this enough. He’s a beast. His 48.6 yard average gross distance was the second most in the NFL this season. He’s not just a power punter, King can place the ball where he wants and he proved that with his latest Twitter video.

King punts the ball into a basketball hoop hanging up on the goalposts (don’t ask why there were hoops on the goalposts, just accept it). Not only does he make it, but it’s a clean swish, not some lucky banked crap which leads to King and his friends appropriately freaking out at the triumph that is draining a punt shot.

King is an artist and he has managed to do the impossible, make punting cool to people that aren’t fringe punting fans like myself.

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