Here’s Every Angle Of Martavis Bryant’s Ridiculous TD Catch And Somersault

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The NFL’s catch rule makes no sense and Pittsburgh Steelers’ receiver Martavis Bryant is well aware so he made sure he did everything in his power to haul in this TD catch vs. the Bengals. Bryant tapped his feet in, several times, gripped the ball and when it slipped a tad he clamped it onto his leg and did a somersault to make sure it didn’t hit the ground. The catch was so insane that even Odell Beckham was impressed.

Now, whether it was actually a catch is up to you, it seems that he bobbled the ball several times even though he latched onto it eventually and by the strange law of the land that’s usually ruled incomplete. Doesn’t matter though, after a review the referee upheld the call on the field and the Steelers took a commanding 15-0 lead over the Bengals in Cincinnati.