Mascot Showdown: Can You Match These Ten Mascots To Their Schools?

With so many schools on the court, we’re taking a moment to remember the hardworking mascot. To celebrate these men and women in character suits and Reebok giving you a shot at seeing the college hoops semifinals, we crafted a quiz to help you identify just what the heck they are, we present to you a brief quiz; see how many you can identify in the wild, and how well the rest of us know the mascots.

Just a note: We’ll be avoiding the more obvious ones, not least because, come on, even that guy in the office who put Hampton as the upset on his bracket would still recognize Duke’s mascot.

Keep an eye out for these mascots on the courts. And if you’d like to see a few of them up close, Reebok is running a contest that sends a lucky winner to the semifinals to watch in style. As for the answers, you’ll find them on the next page.

The University of Kentucky Wildcats.

The Wichita State Shocker. No, really. We looked it up too.

Wisconsin, and yes, we picked this photo because it looks kinda like he’s got a mustache.

West Virginia Mountaineer, and you’ve got to wonder why their mascot doesn’t wear a hat that looks like the skinned mascot of the last team they beat. That’s a real missed opportunity right there.

Xavier. We know Xavier technically has a second mascot, the Musketeer, but we have more affection for the Blue Blob.

Arizona, although we’d forgive you for swapping Arizona and Kentucky as they’re essentially the same mascot.

Oklahoma thankfully doesn’t choose a wildcat as their mascot.

Michigan State‘s own Sparty, who appears to be closely related to Buzz Lightyear.

Utah‘s Swoop.

And this business bulldog works at Gonzaga.

If you’d like to see which of these four, if any, make it through, Reebok wants to bring you to the semis to find out. Even if the business bulldog’s team did lose to Duke.