Masters Champion Bubba Watson Celebrated With A Trip To Waffle House

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04.14.14 5 Comments

Bubba Watson won the second green jacket of his professional golf career with a three-stroke victory yesterday at the Masters tournament in Augusta, and he celebrated in the only way that he knows how – by eating at the Waffle House. Obviously, this was nothing new, as the 2012 Masters Champ also celebrated popping his green jacket cherry with a trip to the restaurant that people either think is the grossest place on Earth or the provider of the best breakfast food in the universe, when you’re both sober and drunk. I never like to apply my own hot sports takes to such matters, but the Waffle House f*cking rules, you guys. Cover and smother me, damn it.

Watson’s meal didn’t come until later in the evening, though, as the first thing that he did when sealing his victory was provide us with one of the most adorable moments of the year in sports thus far, by scooping up his son, Caleb.

Bubba and his son

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And yes, I’m aware of the other story about Watson that people rightfully bring up, with his previous support of Chris Broussard’s opinions on homosexual lifestyles, as well as Watson’s defense of saying that he respects gay people because he once said, “Hey” to Jason Collins at a Phoenix Suns game, even though Jason never played for the Suns, and Watson might have had him mistaken for his brother, Jarron. Or he just meant that he acknowledged Jason when he played against the Suns. Either way, I just wanted to lay out all of the talking points here, so Facebook commenters can express their most irrational opinions about waffles and the Bible.

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