Matt Bonner Entertained Spurs Fans With This Awesome Andy Kaufman Routine

While people are still debating whether or not legendary comedian Andy Kaufman is still alive, San Antonio Spurs big man Matt Bonner recently proved that, at the very least, his soul is still with us. At the team’s 23rd annual “Tux N’ Tennies” charity auction, Bonner entertained the people in attendance with a terrific tribute to Kaufman’s classic Saturday Night Live Mighty Mouse routine, and the NBA should give him some kind of award for this. I’m not sure that such an award exists, but it should and Bonner should win it because I say so.

The only thing that’s left for him to do is to challenge female Spurs fans to wrestling matches at halftime during the remaining Spurs home games this season. Don’t lie, you’d watch.