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Top Falcons draft picks Matt Ryan and Sam Baker received a hearty welcome to Atlanta, where they were quickly shuffled to the theater to stand in front of the cast of Oklahoma!  "Wow, a performance just for us!  Where do we sit?"  "You don't sit.  You must stand.  Up front, stage center, facing the audience."  No joke, this is the single most awkward thing I've seen in months, and it is a masterpiece of comedy.

Side note: like most sports fans, I know a lot about Broadway musicals.  And I can assure you with 100% certainty that Oklahoma! is the single most fucking annoying musical in the history of mankind.  The songs are irritating but catchy, it's about five and a half hours long, and there's a "dream ballet" at the end of the first act.  A fucking dream ballet.  About farmers and cowboys settling a Western state.  Eat a dick, Rogers and Hammerstein.

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