This Play-By-Play Announcer Had The Perfect One-Liner After An Incredible Knockout

Zinedine Hameur-Lain landed an absolutely vicious right hand just 12 seconds into this fight against Warren Thompson in a GLORY 32 light heavyweight tournament matchup. The punch knocked Thompson out cold on the spot.

While Hameur-Lain’s knockout blow remains the best part of the above video, it is closely rivaled by the call from Mauro Ranallo, whose “WHAT A KNOCKOUT, MAMA MIA!” line instantly became one of the most quotable calls of 2016 in any sport.

Wrestling fans will, of course, know Ranallo from being the lead voice of WWE SmackDown (as well as the Cruiserweight Classic), and with the recent brand split drumming up more interest for the WWE’s blue brand, even more ears will get to witness Ranallo’s excitable play-by-play style first-hand.

Ranallo does more than just call WWE matches, though. He previously called New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV before his WWE gig, and he calls all sorts of combat sports on the side including MMA and boxing.

What makes the call so great is that Ranallo didn’t have any time to really prepare what he was going to say, seeing as how the knockout happened only 12 seconds into the fight. It was purely instinctual that he would shout that after seeing such a brutal right hand.

Mama mia indeed.