Maxim Has Paulina Gretzky On The Cover And A Hockey Pun For The Ages

Paulina Gretzky is probably best known for one of three things: 1) Being Wayne Gretzky’s daughter; 2) Being engaged to professional golfer Dustin Johnson; or 3) The combination of all of the bikini photos that she posts to her Instagram account and the outfits that she wears to random events, like the one in the picture above from last year. I’m not really an expert by any means, but I think it’s No. 2. Anyway, because of her fame, Paulina has been picked for the cover of Maxim’s December issue, and she’s naturally very proud of this achievement.


That’s some high quality hockey punnery right there, Maxim. Other acceptable puns may have included:

“She’s got a hat trick or two up her sleeves.”
“Paulina’s a real power player.”
“An issue that will leave you with no reGretz.”
“We’d like to high-stick this one!”
“Check out her penalty box!”

Honestly, I’m surprised and disappointed that Maxim didn’t use that last one. Although, it probably is more of a Stuff pun.

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