May The Rings Be Never In His Favor

Pro Wrestling Editor
05.21.12 6 Comments

This video (courtesy of That NBA Lottery Pick) is one of the least exciting we’ve ever posted, but it’s newsworthy because LeBron James read Young Adult super-novel The Hunger Games before Sunday’s Heat-Pacers Game Four in Indianapolis, dropped 40 points and evened the series at two games apiece. It’s the best remedial reading basketball performance since Vlade Divac cried his way through Island Of The Blue Dolphins and won gold at the ’89 European Championships.

Knowing what we know about LeBron, it makes sense that nothing would pump him up like stories of children being forced to murder each other. I also hope he’s illiterate and the book is just a bunch of pictures of Jennifer Lawrence with a bow and arrow. Regardless (and as tired a point to make as it is), you can only come down so much on a popular sports role model for reading an actual book on camera. I’m gonna guess Alex Rodriguez hasn’t read printed text since he was ten.

I want LeBron to make reading cool again. I also want to see it get to the point where he’s filmed reading Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye before a game and spends the first three quarters just lying in the middle of the court.

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