Mayhem Miller Got Arrested For Domestic Abuse (And Got An Apology From The Internet)

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08.12.13 5 Comments
Jason Mayhem Miller

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Remember when former UFC fighter Jason “Mayhem” Miller got all crazy with Ariel Helwani, broke his toys and stormed off the MMA Hour set, but it was okay because he was just “acting?” Remember when he got mad at EA Sports for giving him a bad rating in their video game, but him being all threatening and weird was cool because he was just kidding? Remember when he got arrested for putting his sister in a headlock, but it was all a misunderstanding?

Newsflash: A guy who always acts insane and dangerous may, in fact, be insane and dangerous. Mayhem was arrested again yesterday on a felony charge of Domestic Violence 273.5 PC was bailed out (on $50,000 bail … by his parents) this morning. If you aren’t up on your localized penal codes, CP has a nice reminder:

Any person who willfully inflicts upon a person who is his or her spouse, former spouse, cohabitant, former cohabitant, or the mother or father of his or her child, corporal injury resulting in a traumatic condition is guilty of a felony, and upon conviction thereof shall be punished by imprisonment in the state prison for two, three, or four years, or in a county jail for not more than one year, or by a fine of up to six thousand dollars ($6,000) or by both that fine and imprisonment.

One of the most interesting aspects of the story (assuming that “Mayhem Miller is in desperate need of mental health” isn’t interesting enough) is that when MMA Mania broke the story, they got the charge wrong and said Mayhem was arrested for burglary. That made a good portion of the MMA news world report “burglary,” which necessitated one of the most interestingly-worded retractions I’ve ever read:

Yesterday afternoon (August 11, 2013), MMAMania received word from a source within the Orange County Police Department that Jason Miller was charged with attempted burglary. The source was adamant that it was the correct charge after we brought up a similar charge from the same day from last year.

We ran the story as we had confirmation within the department of the official charge.

C.J. Tuttle drove down to the Intake Release Center to acquire the official police report so we would be able to provide more details regarding the arrest. When he arrived, he saw Miller’s parents posting bail. Unfortunately, he also learned that the initial information with which we were provided was inaccurate.

Indeed, the official charge is Domestic Violence 273.5 PC. Miller was released at 12:21 AM local time on bond and is now in the care of his family.

We apologize to Jason Miller and his family for this misstep.

How great is that? They’re apologizing to the family of a guy who just got arrested for domestic abuse for accidentally saying he burgled somebody. I know reporting facts gets kinda shaky in the blogging world and you live or die by your personal integrity (or ability to make clickable lists), but come on, you can apologize for shitty reporting without apologizing to the guy who just beat his girlfriend. I really wish the retraction had been “well, we thought he broke into somebody’s house, but it turns out this is way worse. F**k Mayhem Miller.”

I eagerly await the “we were just playing, this is for a short film we’re kickstarting” statement from the Mayhem camp.

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