Meet Rasul Chunayev, The Wrestler Who Will Pin You And Dance On Your Grave

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07.18.13 6 Comments

And when we say “dance,” we really mean “dance.”

This is Rasul Chunayev, an Azerbaijani wrestler and gold medal winner in Greco-Roman wrestling at the Summer Universiade athletic competition in Kazan, Russia. When you see his victory celebration, you’ll be AZERBAI-EGGING FOR MORE.

Watch in amazement as he manhandles his opponent, Russia’s Islambek Albiev (catchphrase: “I’m bringin’ Islambek!”) and pops up into the most ridiculous, wonderful celebration dance you’ve ever seen. It’s one part Riverdance, one part Flashdance and 100 parts AWESOME ARROGANT AZERBAIJANI MOTHERF**KER.

Check out the clip after the jump.

Somebody reedit this so it ends with a unicorn galloping in and whisking him away to Heaven on a rainbow.

[via AZWrestling1993]

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