Meet Rebecca Grant, The Woman Becoming Famous For Grabbing Her Boobs At A Clippers Game

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05.06.14 15 Comments

It’s a tale as old as time. Woman goes to a sporting event, woman sits in expensive seats with plenty of camera exposure, woman is spotted by a camera guy, the American public realizes that this woman is quite attractive, and that woman becomes a star. Well, sort of. Today, the term “star” is such a loosely-defined word since a lot of people consider Courtney Stodden a “star” and she can’t even get her own reality show. Alas, while millions of people were watching the Los Angeles Clippers defeat the Golden State Warriors in an incredible Game 7 in a series buried in an avalanche of drama, a woman named Rebecca Grant has seemingly walked out of the dust and debris as the star.

A model and former personality or host or something for Fox Sports and ESPN, Grant was conveniently seated behind Reggie Miller and Kevin Harlan as they called the game, and while fans acting like fools behind sports analysts are hardly new, Grant stood out above the rest. How so? Because she conveniently grabbed her breasts and then everyone on planet Earth and beyond was like, “Oh hey, what’s up?”

Naturally, Grant claims she had no clue she was on TV when she went for two scoops.

What becomes of Grant from here is up to her and our peers in the blogging community that are much more in tune with the shameless promotion of such young ladies. Admittedly, I can only try to spread the wildfire of fame so much, but as I grow older and more mature, I find myself asking for more out of these Katherine Webb types, who really aren’t as special as people think they are. Call me a hipster, but if Grant had been reading an Elmore Leonard book or drawing a portrait of Channing Tatum, I’d be more impressed.

As for where Grant currently stands on the Famous Rebecca Power Rankings that I just made up:

1) Rebecca DeMornay (circa Risky Business and maybe Feds)
2) Rebecca Gayheart (circa Noxema and Nothing to Lose, and definitely not when she killed a guy, but then maybe when she had a threeway with that beauty queen girl)
3) Rebecca Romijn (circa any time before she married Jerry O’Connell)
4) Rebecca Schull (she played Fay on Wings)
5) Rebecca Grant, I guess, because I can’t think of any other Rebeccas right now.

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