Meet The Israeli Artist Who Turns Your Old Bicycle Chains Into Dog Sculptures

Back when I was in college, I used to go to the campus police bicycle auction each semester, partly because I thought it was really f*cked up that they just took random bikes that belonged to random people who may have vanished from the face of the Earth for all we know, and partly because I needed a bike. But the problem was that these bikes were all really ugly and I was poor, so I never wasted my $5 on any of them, and I just walked everywhere like Caine from Kung Fu.
I never actually wondered if those bikes were ever purchased or what eventually became of them, but for the sake of this post making sense – cycling is also a sport – I lost many nights of sleep over the years wondering if those bikes ever found homes. And now, I’m hoping that they were purchased by Israeli artist Nirit Levav, who originally focused her creativity on fashion design but eventually chose to sculpt from raw materials.

Nirit’s early works emphasize her ability to create from a seemingly endless variety of recycled raw materials, metals such as rails, keys, old nails; and household items including light bulbs, mattresses, matches, clothespins, and natural materials like acorns, sunflowers seeds, sea sand and gravel.

That’s pretty cool, right? I could stop right there and be like, “Now check out these cool sculptures” and you’d probably be like, “I guess” and then we’d go on to a post about how Kate Upton’s lawyers keep misspelling my name in the restraining orders, but there’s a more important aspect that needs to be clarified, in case you skipped over the title of this post.

Recently Nirit has decided to focus on a single raw material – recycled bicycle chains, and on a single theme – dogs.

That’s right – she makes big sculptures of dogs out of bicycle chains. I know, it’s a day after Christmas, so it’s probably too late for you kids to demand that your parents get you one of these as a present, but just remind them how they lied about killing your favorite pet when you were a kid and the guilt will force them to buy one for you now. And they won’t remember that they never killed your pet because they’re probably still drunk from yesterday.
(H/T to Oddity Central)
And here’s a turtle, because while turtles aren’t as cool as dogs, they’re still pretty awesome.