Melvin Guillard Absolutely Demolished His Opponent With A Flurry Of Disgusting Elbows At Bellator 159

07.23.16 2 years ago

Melvin “Young Assasin” Guillard was coming off of three straight defeats (including his first two Bellator fights) heading into his Bellator 159 matchup against David Rickles in Mulvane, and his desperation for a victory was on full display in the opening round.

After Rickles gave him an opening, Guillard followed with a brutal right hand then a series of absolutely vicious elbow shots from both sides that forced a referee stoppage and gave him the win, his first UFC win since 2014 and first victory in Bellator. I’m actually surprised the ref let it go that long, as Guillard was just raining down massive blows from above that eventually caused a major gash on the side of Rickles’ head.

Back in his UFC days, Guillard won “Knockout of the Night” on three separate occasions and had eight TKO victories in the lightweight division. Although he may not fit the “Young” part of his moniker anymore at 33, Guillard proved he can still absolutely brutalize his opponents when he gets an opportunity to land his strikes, and Rickles found that out first-hand.

After the fight, Guillard reiterated that he was done fighting at 155 lbs., and said in the fall he wants to take on Paul Daley next.

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