Hoo Boy, The Internet Hates Alex Rodriguez

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10.19.12 21 Comments

Now that the Detroit Tigers have swept the New York Yankees, we can expect a ton of speculation about what the world’s most important baseball team will do in the offseason. Hell, for the first time that I can remember, people were actually speculating about the Yankees trading a player while they were still competing for the American League Championship. That’s remarkable even for “We’re the Yankees, we get whatever we want” standards. And, of course, the focus of all of the speculation will be around embattled third baseman and Grade A poon hound, Alex Rodriguez.
Rodriguez was slowly drawing the ire of Yankees fans as he was just awful at the plate throughout the entire playoffs (for the last three years, mind you) and the cherry on top was the New York Post’s story about A-Rod, who is dating Torrie Wilson, hitting on an Australian bikini model from the Yankees dugout after he had been benched and while his team was losing. Even Donald Trump bought a first class ticket on the hate train.

Of course, rational fans would realize that the Yankees being swept wasn’t just A-Rod’s fault. It was a collective effort of suck that involved multiple players performing like goth kids in gym class. Robinson Cano has to be the happiest guy on Earth right now that everyone is bitching about A-Rod while the slugging second baseman was 0-for-a billion from the plate against the Tigers.
But we don’t love Yankees fans because they’re rational. We love (in a hatey way) them because they’re insane and they fly off the handle about everything. In fact, I wouldn’t even blink if the NY Post ran a story tomorrow about how Brian Cashman wants to trade A-Rod and Cano for Mike Trout and Mark Trumbo. That’s how amazingly insane the world of the Yankees can be.
In the meantime, I was checking on the Tweeters and the Tumblrs this morning to see how the A-Rod hate was fermenting – because, you know, who wants to talk about how no one will beat the Tigers, not even my beloved Cardinals – and there was plenty in delightful meme form. I gathered most of my favorites, kicked the incredibly racist and homophobic types to the curb, and I’m sure there will be many more to come. In the meantime, Yankees fans, enjoy.
This is the only positive picture I saw while sifting through two weeks of Yankee anger.
And here’s a pretty accurate rundown of the entire playoffs from one Redditor:

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