Frank Thomas Offered Words Of Encouragement To Mets Fans And It Made No Sense

Fox Sports had an interesting lineup of current and former stars covering its pregame and postgame shows for the World Series, and for the most part, it was a success. Alex Rodriguez was surprisingly good on camera, providing not only an insider perspective with astute baseball observations, but he also gave us a glimpse of a personality that was shockingly non-robotic. Pete Rose, of course, was just as silly as could be expected by not understanding how television cameras work, before vanishing for the final two games because he couldn’t miss an autograph-signing commitment. And then there was Frank Thomas.

The former two-time MVP seemed right in his element providing pregame and postgame analysis for all five games. Immediately after the Royals capped off their first World Series win since 1985 with a 7-2 victory over the Mets in Game 5, Thomas offered a bit of encouragement for the Mets and their fans the only way he knew how; with one of the most back-handed compliments we can ever recall.

“The Mets have nothing to hold their heads down for, except they didn’t play that well, and they gave away this World Series.”

Well, then. We’re assuming Hallmark won’t be hiring Thomas to write sympathy cards anytime soon.