Oklahoma QB Baker Mayfield Shut Down Mia Khalifa’s Twitter Flirting In A Hurry

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Baker Mayfield is a college kid having the time of his life, and he’s got the swagger to do just about anything at this point. Even turn down the attention of a pretty prominent online sports fan.

The Oklahoma quarterback has already had a pretty impressive season, beating Ohio State at the Horseshoe and triumphantly planting a Sooners flag in the middle of the Buckeyes’s logo at midfield. He then had some fun with the Baylor Bears, who “forgot who daddy is” and proceeded to get spanked by Oklahoma on Saturday.

Yeah, Mayfield is feeling himself these days. And he’s certainly drawing a lot of attention from folks online. Those folks include former adult film actress and Washington sports fan Mia Khalifa, who tweeted at Mayfield over the weekend.

It was unclear at first if Khalifa actually wanted anything from Baker here, or if she was just complimenting him for his performance against Baylor after his pregame comments. But a later tweet did make it clear she was interested. And Mayfield did respond, but probably not in the way Khalifa hoped.

“Nah. I got my girl,” Mayfield tweeted back. “I’m pretty lucky to have somebody like her in my life too.”

Hey! That’s nice. And just to make sure the message was clear enough, Mayfield dropped a block on Khalifa to shut her down for good.

To be fair, Mayfield and his beloved do seem quite happy.

Isn’t young love grand?