Baker Mayfield Trolled Ohio State Hard After Oklahoma Won Big At The Horseshoe

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Heisman Trophy frontrunner and occasional public drunk Baker Mayfield and Oklahoma beat Ohio State on Saturday night in the Horseshoe. Then the quarterback grabbed a giant OU flag and really rubbed it in.

Mayfield and the Sooners rolled to the tune of 31-16 on Saturday night in a game that was close until Oklahoma hit the boosters in the fourth quarter. It was a big win for the fifth-ranked Sooners, who beat a second-ranked Buckeyes team with big expectations.

After the game, the Sooners had a wild celebration on the field in Columbus, with the players and the OU band out there relishing their inevitable ascent in the college football rankings. But Mayfield wanted to put an exclamation point on the occasion, so he took the flag, waved it wildly in the air, then dramatically chucked the pole into the turf at the 50-yard line.

Mayfield’s flag throw didn’t stick the landing, but it was as clear a message as possible from the Oklahoma quarterback. Oklahoma owned Ohio State, and Mayfield showed the whole dang state up right in the middle of the school’s O logo.
Here, just watch it as many time as you can. As long as you’re not an Ohio State fan.

Mayfield, it’s important to note, is no stranger to having massive amounts of swagger.

Yeah, planting a flag in the middle of your opponent’s stadium after you beat the proverbial brakes off them on national television might not be the most couth thing he’s done in his life, but it’s a pretty strong move. It definitely beats using LeBron James’ celebration after scoring a touchdown, too.