This Miami Fan’s Punch-And-Run Didn’t Faze A One-Legged West Virginia Fan

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Let’s start out by saying that nobody ever looks good fighting at a sporting event. People are there to have fun, watch some sports, and your attitude ain’t what people want to deal with. But this Miami fan went above and beyond when he decided to (allegedly!) cut a bathroom line and then punch a one-legged West Virginia fan who threatened to piss on him.

West Virginia and Miami faced off in the Russell Athletic Bowl in Orlando, one of the many non-marquee bowls you could be forgiven for not knowing or caring about. But the former Big East rivals were put together for some postseason nostalgia this year at Camping World Stadium.

Apparently the bathroom lines got pretty long, and when you try and cut the line, you can expect to hear about it. What you might not expect is for the guy who says he’ll piss all over you to have one leg. What now, smart guy? Are you really going to step to a guy with a prosthetic leg? Apparently for this guy, that answer is yes!

But what you really might not expect to hear, after you run away because you just punched a guy with one leg who is also bigger than you, is that guy saying he used to bang “guys like you in prison.”

Like we said, nobody comes out looking good when you fight at a sporting event.

(via TMZ)