A Seattle Seahawks Star Says Las Vegas Cops Threatened To ‘Blow My F–king Head Off’ After The Mayweather/McGregor Fight

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Michael Bennett had a “terrifying” incident with the Las Vegas police last month and he’s finally broken his silence about the incident.

The Seattle Seahawks defensive end posted a harrowing message on Twitter on Wednesday morning, retelling the chaos of the evening after the Conor McGregor/Floyd Mayweather fight and how he was falsely detained by Las Vegas police after an incident on the street.

Bennett said there were noises that sounded like gunshots on the Las Vegas streets after the fight, which caused people to run and take cover. Bennett said he was caught up in that chaos until a police officer ordered him to “get on the ground.” What followed was an incident where Bennett claimed he was verbally threatened, manhandled by police and detained without explanation before the officers realized who Bennett was.

“Las Vegas police officers singled me out and pointed their guns at me for doing nothing more than simply being a black man in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Bennett wrote. “As I laid on the ground, complying with his commands not to move, he placed his gun near my head and warned me that if I moved he would, ‘blow my f–king head off.'”

Bennett said he was “terrified,” and a second officer came over, “forcefully jammed” a knee in his back and made it difficult for him to breathe. The officers put handcuffs on his wrists so tightly that the Pro Bowler said his fingers went numb.

The Seahawks star said he was taken to a police car and held there for “what felt like an eternity” before the officers let him go.