Michael Irvin Left His Glasses At His Hotel And Couldn’t ‘See Anything’ While Doing ‘NFL Gameday’

Michael Irvin is a busy man, as the Hall of Famer has added a weekly appearance on ESPN’s First Take to his normal duties on NFL Network, including NFL Gameday on Sunday mornings.

Part of the problem with being a man on the go with multiple TV gigs is you spend a lot of time in hotel rooms and have different call times and car services to make, which can put you in a hurry in the mornings, to the point that you might forget something very important. On Sunday, a fan noticed that Irvin wasn’t rocking his typical glasses look and thought maybe the Playmaker had ditched them for contacts and asked him why.

Irvin, during a commercial break, responded and noted that this wasn’t an aesthetic choice, but one where he’d just straight up forgotten his glasses in the hotel room and admittedly “can’t see ANYTHING,” which makes the screenshot of him looking bewildered even funnier.

That is truly the look of a man that cannot see and is trying to navigate a three-hour pregame show on national television despite his self-inflicted blindness. Why Irvin didn’t ask a production assistant to go to the hotel and get his glasses, I don’t know, but credit to Mike for gritting it out for the show and hopefully he can get his glasses back in time to watch the actual games themselves.